Friday, August 30, 2013


This was a chocolate shop we frequently visited. Cut down their shopping bag to fit the page
 Photos printed on very vanilla to keep a vintage feel to the journal
 Added embellishments to give lots of texture
 Tags on the right side from shopping spree, love the dress tag
 Awards dinner photo in pocket from inside the Hollywood photo booth
 Shelli our Stampin' Up!Ⓡ CEO with Vanessa and pictures of Vanessa on the huge wheel
 Projects and fun things we saw at convention

 Husbands tags from shopping and coffee cup opened up and added on the right
 Another coffee on the left and things we made and saw at convention on the right
 Posh Pets where we bought some cool clothes for Bella
 Don't you love Typo = vintage, French, shabby chic opened the stamp box and made it into a pocket added a tag inside
 ESAD dinner and a belly dancer on the left and dined out at Aporto on the right for a quick meal on the run
 Surf and Turf on the left, fabulous restaurant beside the water, lovely atmosphere great food
 Convention programme cover on the right added to the wire coil, and ticket to awards dinner on the left
 Delys presented and a thank you card I was given, more photos
 So much cool stuff
Inside the cover Brisbane stamped and punched with the hexagonal punch.  Handmade pocket on the left


  1. Great post!! Thanks for sharing your amazing journal, I just love it!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this journal with us Barb! Your photo's are a great record of your journal process. I can see that I will be referring to it when it comes time to get mine done finally!!

  3. I need a new theme now can't wait to do another. Thanks girls glad you like it