Thursday, November 5, 2015


Those who know me, know how I love butterflies.  This video is great as it explains the difference between thinlets, framelits and how to use them with the big shot.  My only other suggestion is to prime each of the thinlets first (fine detailed dies) with running them through on a dryer sheet and plain paper between the plates.  The plain photo copy paper prevents the film from the dryer sheet getting onto your cutting plate.  Once primed it puts a film on the thinlet and this makes it so easy to fall off the card when cutting butterflies out.    This can be used on any of the fine detail dies.   If your die does not pop out easily with the fine pieces just add a sheet of paper or card.  This is called a shim.   You put this on the outside on the top of the cutting plate.  It can be used over and over and it adds thickness to the sandwich of plates going through and the added pressure will cut the detail better and allow it to easily poke out.  Hope this helps but if you want help let me know.

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